Salespeople helps you find the right sales talent for your company. You pay us when you’ve found the right person!

60 years of experience | over 100 000 CV-s processed | more than 10 000 interviews conducted

Who are we?

Good sellers are always in demand! We know this because we are part of the international Rahmqvist group, the largest direct sales company in Scandinavia, having been in business for over 60 years and employing over 300 people. Facing hundreds of candidates from different countries with different sales profiles on a daily basis, we thought why not help other companies find the right sales talent for them.

Salespeople OÜ is Estonia’s only company specializing in sales talent! We’ll help you find the right person for you, whether it’s telephone sales, direct sales, project sales, sales reps, or even sales director. Sales are the only channel where money comes into the company. That is why it is important to find only the best sales talent for your team.

We will assist you through the entire recruitment cycle, from profile creation, job advertisment design, to pre-selection of the best candidates and handing over the best selected candidates to you.

How can we help you find the best sales talent for you?

  1. We will sign a simple cooperation agreement with you.
  2. We will create the profile of your desired sales talent (if necessary, we will analyze your existing sales staff and talk to the person under whose authority this person will work. In some cases, we will conduct additional in-depth tests to create a salesperson profile).
  3. We will make a plan and a schedule to find the right person for you and coordinate with you.
  4. We create recruitment ads and publish them on the right channels.
  5. We do a targeted search to find people with the right profile.
  6. We select the people who might fit your profile and pre-interview them.
  7. We check the background of the selected individuals and present you with the candidates we have selected.
  8. You will approve the appropriate candidates and we will arrange interviews with them in which we and you will participate.
  9. You select a suitable candidate.
  10. You pay us for the sales talent you find, or we continue to search until we find the right person.

our Guarantee

  • We’ve worked with a lot of sales people, working with us you will save time and find the right sales talent.

  • You won’t pay us until we find the right talent for you.

  • If you’re not happy with the chosen candidate and let us know within 3 months of hiring we will find you a new person for free.

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Have you heard the story of an elephant who was good at sewing? Neither have we! We believe that you can not be good at everything and that’s why we do what we’re good at – recruitment of sales talent – who will bring in money. Try us!

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